Desert Biome

Death Valley dunes
Death Valley dunes
This Circle graph shows how much of the Biomes cover the Earth
This Circle graph shows how much of the Biomes cover the Earth

The [[#|dessert]] is verry dry and the biome has sand storms. The dessert has a few amont of trees. It has tons of sand. Its verry hot there!


The average day in the desert has very hot days and cool nights.
The average percipitation for the desert is very low. The percipitation per year has a very low average, it is 50 centimeteres. The average per day when it rains the desert gets less than 1.4 centimeters or 1.5.

Non-living things:

The non-living things in the desert are......
water, air, rocks, sand, and the sun. You probably don't think that water would be in the desert when it's so dry there. And what we mean by "non-living things" is that it doesn't have a body or loungs. So basicly it doesn't breath at all.

Common Plants:

The plants in the dessert Are cati, yuccas, bunchgrass, shrubs, and a few trees.

Common carnivores:

The common carnivores are lizerds, snakes and, foxes. How they addapt. Most of them are nonmammalain vertebrates. That means they can make them seleves hot or cold.

The Desert Food Chain:

The food chain in the Desert is simple. Well kind of.. first there are the Snakes, their species is at the top of the Desert food chain. The snakes eat small rodents. They don't eat Lizards, the Lizards eat insects, and the Foxes eat the Desert Jack Rabbits. That is the Desert food chain.

Plant Adaptations:

The cati eat the yuccas, yuccas eat the trees, trees pruduses the sun, bunchesgrass pruduses sun,shrubs eat sun,water,soil.

Soil Type:

The desert soil has extreamly little nutrions that the plants need. The soil only has decay, sand, and it is very hard.

Endangered Species:

There are many animals in the desert. Some of them are endangered. These animals are: kangaroo rat, gilla monster, ocelot, prairie dog, peregrine falcon, dama gazelle, and the pronghorn. There are probably many more endangered animals in the desert, they just haven't been discoved yet.

external image prong2.jpg

A pronghorn in its natural habbitait.

Commen Omnivores:

The commen omnivores of the desert are Coyates, Ravens, Armadillows, and Bats.

Omnivor Adatations:

A Camel can last three to four days without water.

Common Herbivores:

There are many herbivores in the desert from the well know camel, to tha pricilly porcupine. There is also
mule deer, bighorn sheep, desert jack rabbits, rock squirels, cotton tails, and different kinds of antelope.

Jack rabbit
Jack rabbit

Jack Rabbit

Herbivore Adaptations:

There are many herbivores there by many adaptations. The camels of the desert adapt by drinking only
water. Did you know they can go for weeks with out water!! Gophers stay in their borrows all day and
acationally grab at the top of their borrows to get food. That way their preditors can't eat them.

Student comments:
+ I like the animals because some of them live in the grasslands
+ I like how you put the non-living things on your page so others can know what dosent live in the desert
- lots of misspelled words.
- Some sentences don't make sence.
-I would have liked it if you hade named more animals for the adaptations.
+ i love that i can understand every word in your project.
- Where is the writing in the first part.
- you wrote jack rabbit twice
+ Love the pictures!